By Julia Prior

No matter what industry you’re in, customers are the bottom line of your business. Without them, there would be no business and the best way to keep them around is to show them how much you appreciate them. Strengthening that relationship allows for collaboration, communication and an overall happy business connection.

  1. Notes: Everyone loves receiving a hand written note. Whether it’s to say thank you outright, or to wish them congratulations on a recent win, it will show that you have been thinking of them and keeping up to date on their events.
  2. thank_you_noteGive them shout outs on social media: Did they just get a big award or score an awesome media placement? Feature them on your blog, post about them on Facebook, gush about them in less than 140 characters on Twitter. Associate yourself with them and show that you are happy for their success, even if it wasn’t directly because of your services.
  3. Reach out: E-mail is a great way to connect quickly and see what’s going on. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, reach out by phone or e-mail and just check in to make sure they don’t need any help with anything. Sometimes you may not hear from them because they are very busy and don’t realize that you can help them be less busy.
  4. Take them to lunch: Nothing says “thank you for being my customer” quite like a shared meal and a little face time. Have a casual lunch and make sure to discuss things other than business. You’re not there to sell them anything, just to gently let them know if they need anything, you should be their first call.
  5. Introduce them to your connections: Do they have an issue that you cannot solve but you know a partner who can? Make the introduction and the customer will remember to always go to you, no matter what the problem is. The same goes for hiring. If they are hiring and someone in your network would be perfect for the job, go ahead and make the introduction. Having a shared connection in the office will help your relationship grow.
  6. Birthday Cards: This is self-explanatory. Even though most professionals don’t make a huge deal of their birthday, it’s still nice when people remember.
  7. Stellar Service: There’s a reason your customers are your customers to begin with. Keep doing what you do, and it’ll be the icing on the cake of the message to your clients that you appreciate them and value their business.

As you can see, it’s really the little things that set your business apart from your competitors. The relationships you have with your customers are one of the most valuable things about your business, so don’t forget to nurture those relationships and those connections.

What other ways do you show your customers you care?