These days, it seems like most of us are always “on the go” meeting demands and obligations for work, family, school, volunteering, kids, extracurricular activities and so on. We rarely slow down to take a breath, much less enjoy the experiences we’re having and the people we encounter along the way. Throughout all of our daily activities, we interact with a wide variety of people… or have the potential to interact with them if we slow down. Whether it’s a stranger in line with us at Starbucks, a fellow passenger on a flight, or the receptionist at a client’s office, these people have the potential to impact our lives in the long run just by sharing a new idea or a fresh perspective. We just need to take a step back from the busy day and be aware of our surroundings and who we might encounter.

In her book Is This Seat Taken?, author Kristin Kaufman (Dallas-based CEO of Alignment, Inc. and Brooks & Associates client) offers a collection of highly personal stories that illustrate how a wealth of wisdom may come from the most unusual and unlikely of sources. Kristin searches for the meaning behind each occurrence and learns to truly be present in the moment. Random encounters are rarely just random!



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