By Robyn Brown

After months of planning, the vegetable garden is finally a reality. Last Friday, Virginia, Jamie and I spent the cool hours of the day building a 21’ x 12’ garden next to the office. Our hard work included tilling, sifting in fertilizers and organic matter, creating rows, planting and building an effective irrigation system. It was truly amazing to see the transformation of our plot of land over just a short number of hours.

In the coming months, we hope to reap a bounty of fresh produce – tomatoes, onions, squash, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers – even herbs like rosemary and mint. We plan to eat some of what we grow, but the goal is to have enough produce to donate to an area food bank or Meals on Wheels program. Do I sound a bit ambitious? Perhaps – given this is our first endeavor as gardeners. On the other hand, we’ve done our research and this vegetable garden is pretty personal.

The garden is a celebration of our 10 years as a successful public relations agency. It symbolizes the hard work, dedication and consistent growth our team has cultivated over this past decade and the growth we have set the foundation to sustain in the coming years. It truly is a labor of love.

Going forward, we’ll keep you updated on the garden as it progresses and produces yield. The theme of growth will also continue to take center stage this year as we unveil our agency’s anniversary plans.  Stay tuned!

Pictures from ‘planting day’ on Friday:

Jamie digs in as we start the tilling process.

Four and a half rows ready for planting.

Virginia and Jamie plant herbs.

After hours of hard work – the final result.

Jamie and Robyn take a break after dropping in the last plant. We’re pretty exhausted. Can you tell?