By Robyn Brown

“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.”

– Song of Solomon 2:11 – 12

Last Friday, this would not have been my selected bible reference for that day’s weather – more like ‘hand of God’ if you ask me. North Texas set a new record last week, seeing the greatest snowfall in a 24-hour period at 12.5 inches at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The snowy day forced many in the area to brave the weather without power and heat, including our own Jamie Leon in central Dallas. Reports from late yesterday afternoon indicate that power company Oncor still needs to service about 1,700 homes without power. Hopefully, things have improved for those families since then.

An upside

As we sit back in the sun and contemplate hot chocolate, recent snow ball fights won and snowmen built, we realize that the winter weather did have its upsides.

For those smart lucky enough to stay inside and watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, the snowfall presented a picturesque and peaceful display. Below is the view outside my apartment window on Friday morning. Every inch of tree and rooftop was blanketed with white snow. Although, it was quite blinding when the sun finally came out.

Winter wonderland in Dallas

The bitter cold also brought us closer together… and not just for warmth. After realizing that many people in their community face the cold without warm attire, Brownie Girl Scout Troop 3269 of Wylie took action. The troop cleaned out closets and knocked on doors, collecting 31 winter coats and numerous hats, gloves and scarves. The items were then donated to the local Christian Care Center benefiting adults and children in the Wylie area. As Public Relations Specialist for Girl Scouts in Wylie, I was lucky enough to tell the girls’ story to the larger community. You can read more about their project here on Neighbors Go!.

Girl Scout Troop 3269 with their donations.

A new day!

Well, the weather has certainly turned brighter. Today, sunlight is pouring in from my two office windows, the birds are singing and fresh blades of spring grass have sprung. Indeed, winter has passed. Those of us at the Brooks & Associates global headquarters in Howe, TX are certainly grateful!

The robins are here!