By Robyn Brown


I’m excited to share that we’re expanding our services to Microsoft – one of our most valued and long-term client relationships. As last Wednesday’s announcement details, Brooks & Associates now provides strategic public relations services for Microsoft’s U.S.-based chemicals industry group. This is in addition to our current work with the company’s domestic oil and gas and utilities industry verticals.

As Brian Willson, U.S. chemical industry solutions director for Microsoft states:

“The chemical industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the manufacturing sector; it is also one of the most competitive and complex. Microsoft’s chemical industry group is a fast-growing vertical industry within the company.”

Using Microsoft’s familiar, easy-to-use and widely supported platform, chemical companies can be more responsive to market conditions in their quest for profitable growth.

Microsoft Featured in ChemicalWeek Blog

Most recently, our team worked with Brian to raise visibility, showcase industry thought leadership and support sales for Microsoft’s chemical industry customer service offerings.  In this contributed blog entry in “ChemIdeas,” a blog managed by industry trade publication ChemicalWeek, Brian explains the Microsoft point of view on technology used to heighten the productivity of chemical company sales teams. More than a CRM function, this technology combines commonly used communication tools with proactively delivered CRM information to create a personal productivity environment.

 The blog entry was published in concert with a ChemicalWeek webcast on the same topic. This is a great example of how coordinated media relations and marketing efforts can combine to create even broader awareness.

 We look forward to continuing to provide value to the Microsoft Chemicals vertical going forward!